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Mizusawa Udon assortment 8 portions [Gunma] View larger

Mizusawa Udon assortment 8 portions [Gunma]


The 1300 years history born from exquisite water and tradition - Mizusawa Udon.

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Ingredients:noodles- floured(wheat flour, salt),(Soy sauce (brewed), sugar mixture isomerized liquid sugar, sugar, protein hydrolyzate, sodium chloride (modified starch), bonito (crushed), dried bonito extract, rude mixing (grinding), Garasupu, brewing vinegar, mirin, anchovy extract, kelp, seasoning (amino acids), including wheat, mackerel, soybean, chicken, pork part of the raw materials
Content: noodle 300g × 4, concentrated noodle soup 50ml × 4, manufacturer sesame 2.5g ×4
Storage Method:Save at room temperature to avoid places direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity
Expiration date: 90 days
Manufacturer(Region); Nanyotei(Gunma)

Mizusawa Udon is a type of Udon served at the Udon shop street established in front of the gate of Gotoku-zan Mizusawa-dera at Ikaho-cho, Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture.
Mizusawa-dera (temple) was founded around 1300 years ago. It is said that Mizusawa Udon first started when the Buddhist priest of that era passed down the recipe of Udon.
Udon was then served to the visitors of the temple, and gradually Udon shops like the present form started to establish in a row. Even now as each one creates a unique specialty, the traditional taste is still being preserved.
Mizusawa Udon only uses the water at the foot of Haruna mountain, flour, and salt. Once the flour is kneaded, two days are spent on traditional techniques to create a firm and chewy but transparent texture. Only Udon made from flour, salt and Mizusawa water without containing additives such as starch or rice vinegar are registered as Mizusawa Udon.

Mizusawa Udon of Udon teahouse Mizusawa Manyotei was awarded a gold prize by the Monde Selection (contest of international institute of quality selection initiated by the Belgium government established in 1961) for six consecutive years from 2009 to 2014.
Monde Selection is not only reputed for design and taste, but also for food security and safety. The gold prize awarded this time shows that our approach towards food security and safety has been greatly recognized internationally.
Also, the Japanese food culture Udon has been greatly recognized for its taste and quality.

In order to maximize the firmness and smoothness through the throat, it is recommended to have the Udon chilled (Zaru-Udon; chill with cold water after boiling the noodle) before eating.
Name: half a lifetime Udon noodles (Mizusawa Udon noodles)





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Mizusawa Udon assortment 8 portions [Gunma]

Mizusawa Udon assortment 8 portions [Gunma]

The 1300 years history born from exquisite water and tradition - Mizusawa Udon.