• The top quality roasted Nori also served at the reception of Davos Forum.The Nori used for the specially selected roasted Honnori, the first Nori collected from late November to late December called Ichiban-zumi, is a soft young sprout with plenty of sweet constituents and small yield, thus a most valuable fresh Nori.

    6,000 JPY
  • Hiroshima oyster soy sauce seasoned Nori using oyster produced in Hiroshima Prefecture and flavored stock made purely from domestic natural food ingredients.

    2,800 JPY
  • Japanese Traditional Food NATTO with One Hand. Adopted as airline food of First-class Japanese Airways. "NATTO" is familiar food and known as healthy food among Japanese.  NATTO smells very storong  but our Dried NATTO doesn't. So it is easy to eat. Tasty Healthy Crispy Snack. 6.5g×20packages×5kinds of taste

    6,480 JPY
  • A sauce-flavored spicy seasoning that is likely but did not exist = “SAUCECO”Putting sauce on top of sauce – SAUCECO is certainly a true collaboration with sauce!Having Worcester sauce as a base, more than ten types of spices, such as chili, habanero, and pepper, were blended, and Hokkaido-produced kelp and fish sauce was added to the flavoring ingredients.

    650 JPY

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